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Vanilla Bourbon Candle

RM25.00 RM30.00
65 grams
170 grams

Scent category: Sweet, Musky

Not your traditional vanilla. Warm up those cold nights with the rich scent of vanilla bean, musk and hints of amber, malt and tonka bean. A splash of bourbon scent spices things up. Smells like a warm drink with snuggles under the blanket.

Fragrance Notes: Pineapple, Orange, Amber, Malt, Vanilla, Tonka Bean

No alcohol/alcoholic beverage is included in the making of this product. 

65g Cotton Wick I Burns up 15 hours. Recommended for smaller spaces such as bathroom. 

5cm diameter x 6cm height

170g Wood Wick I Releases a gentle crackling when lighted up to add to the luxurious, cosy experience. Burns up to 40 hours. Recommended for larger areas such as bedroom, living room.

7cm diameter x 8cm height

All candles come packaged in an individual cotton pouch that is reusable. 

An appreciation for simplicity, design and function resonates within our eco-friendly and affordable candles, created using the finest quality ingredients and packaged in aesthetically beautiful packaging.